Firelake University Finland

We are here to offer an alternative to traditional institutions for the busy adult with work and family responsibilities and for students without possibility to attend classes regularly. We also offer regular on campus programs for a high school graduates. We will help you develop your potential and skills to advance in your present position or to acquire a better one.

We offer AA, BBA, MBA in Business Administration and PhD studies in a wide range of disciplines including Education, Engineering, Environmental Management, History, International Studies, Languages, Law,  Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology and more.

We collaborate with both the private and public sectors in Finland and around the world. We stay current with trends and changes in the academic and professional environment. This is possible because our professors are from different cultures. We encourage you to think globally and develop projects in foreign countries.

We recruit local and foreign students to make our campus multicultural, because cross-cultural competence is a necessity to advance international under-standing.

We are using the Oxford Tutorial Method 

The Tutorial Program is named after the style of teaching made famous by Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Instead of participating in classes with a number of other students, Firelake students spend a great deal of their time doing independent thinking, reading, and writing based on essay assignments given by Firelake teachers (known as tutors). They then present and defend their work one on one (or in some cases in groups of 2 or 3) with their tutors. The method challenges students to meet their highest potential as thinkers and writers.

The method will assure that you are professional after graduating. This is possible because you practice with real firms; preparing their book-keepings, planning marketing-, pricing-, strategies-, analyzing the business and so on. This method is economically less expensive that going to study abroad. See our tuitions!

Satisfaction of Employers Guaranteed

Firelake University Finland has its own quality system called Best Practice Quality Assurance System (BPQAS) that ensures for employers skillful labor. After graduation the student is a solid professional and he/she can fulfill his duties from the beginning of the work, independently and professionally. They also have supporting person at the university and they can contact him and ask for help in unexpected situations. Therefore we give guarantee that our graduates are professionals. If employers experiences that the graduate do not dominate the task belonging to his/her major subject, the graduate can take extra course on the topic that best meets needed requirements of the firm. 

Legal Status

Firelake University Finland is the eldest private university in Finland which offers both on-line and on-campus degree programs worldwide. Firelake University is the auxiliary business name of Hallinto-Tohtorit Oy (Hallinto-Tohtorit Ltd.) which has been established and registered by the National Board of Patents and Registration on 20th September 1995. Its registration number is 637.057 and the business ID-number 1021229-3. According to the company byelaws, Firelake University can offer university degrees worldwide. The company Hallinto-Tohtorit Oy is a for-profit organization – as required by Finnish law for Ltds - with solid operations and finances and without any long-term debts. Most Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences are operated through Ltds.

Firelake University's line of business  

The company’s line of business is to produce university degrees in commercial science, social science, legal science, sociology, history, psychology, economics, education, IT sector and computer sciences at all degree levels worldwide. Based on concluded co-operation agreement, the company may also provide degrees of other universities operating abroad. In university operations, the auxiliary Business name Firelake University Finland is used. The company can also operate as an investment, development and financing company and to engage in production, rental, brokerage and trade in office and administrative services, engage investment operations, administration, marketing, accounting and law services. The company may engage in securities trading, real estate management, real estate maintenance and cleaning services, traditional and electronic publishing and printing, advertising agency operations, advertisement and media brokerage, computer and data processing operations relating to automatic data processing, alternative health care services, and teaching, education and consultancy relating to said sectors. The company may also own and manage real estates, trade in them, act as a real estate broker, and engage in teaching, education and consultancy relating to those, as well as engage in all other legal activity according to decision by the Board of Directors. With respect to all above-mentioned activities, on-the-job training places for students are provided in accordance of the Board of Directors.

Would you like to have double degree abroad?

If you wish to continue your studies abroad or you want to gain double degree, we will help you to choose the university that suites to your budget and ambition. As you may know that  the tuition fees are very high  in renowned universities, such as in Harvard or in MIT,  but even in these cases we help you to get a study place.
We have strong connections with many private and also state universities in many Continents. Therefore we can find the best solution for your need. Jus contact us and your dream will come true! 

Don’t hesitate!

Give us a call or send electronic or snail mail. We will be happy to discuss your plans in English or in Finnish. 

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy future.

Dr. Juhani Palojärvi

Tel  +358 440 428 570
E-mail: j dot palojarvi (at)