Examination policy

The university nominates an Examination office who is responsible for ensuring the quality of all examinations and assessments within university. Because FUF is following its own Best Practice Quality Assurance System (BPQAS), we have made a decision to follow also the ‘ICE’ – Instruction for Conducting Examinations for all examinations held at FUF, unless stated otherwise in a program specification. When the university has been recognized or accredited by accrediting institution, we follow their rules.

All persons involved with the conduct of examinations should have access to read the  ‘ICE’ – Instruction for Conducting Examinations, which is available on the website  http://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/ice---instructions-for-conducting-examinations.

Also student must be informed that the university has agreed to follow rules of the ‘ICE’ – Instruction for Conducting Examinations. Also they must be access to that web site.

The Examinations Officer will:

  • Appoint and train invigilators for examinations.
  • Ensure that a register of attendance for all examination candidates is kept. 
  • Ensure that all examination papers are kept securely until the time of the examination. Ensure that ICE rules are followed in every examination. 
  • Ensure that no unauthorized equipment or papers enter the examination room during examinations. 
  • Ensure that no unauthorized persons are allowed entry to the examination rooms during examinations. 
  • Ensure that necessary equipment is made available to candidates. 
  • Ensure that all examination papers, student scripts or any other papers are collected from the examination room and stored securely until transported to the relevant location for marking. 
  • Ensure that candidates may not leave the examination room until at least 45 minutes after the start of the examination and at least 15 minutes before the end of the examination.
  • Ensure that candidates suspected of engaging in unfair practice shall be informed that the suspicion will be reported to the Examinations Officer. Evidence of such unfair practice should be   confiscated. The candidate will be allowed to continue with the examination.
  • Ensure that all invigilators report on the happenings of the examination.

Examination candidates who are absent for the examination will be treated as having failed the assessment, unless genuine extenuating circumstances are submitted to the university.

This Policy is subject to Annual review.
Last reviewed: November 2020
Next review; November 2021