At Firelake University the application time is ongoing. Therefore you can start studying right after you have been awarded the studying right at Firelake University.

Our tuitions are reasonable for everyone. Compare our tuitions with any other university worldwide and you will realize that they are favorable. When you do this, notice also, that all our professors are graduated from recognized universities. If you are from developing country, you may apply for a grant after you have studied 1/3 of the courses. 

Tuition and fees:

On campus programs:                                   Distance education programs

Assosiate degree program 
   (60 semester credits) € 7.550                        € 4.950

Bachelor degree programs
   (120 semester credit hours) € 15.100             € 9.815

Bachelor degree programs
   (60 semester credits) € 7.550                        € 4.950

Master degree programs
   (36 semester credits) €  7.550                       € 4.950

Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs
   ( 36 semester credits) €  9.350                      € 6.150

Individual Cource Fees:

Per semester credit  € 380                                € 250 

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