Firelake University Finland is a forerunner of modern Business Education!

Firelake University Finland is the eldest private university in Finland which offers both on-line and on-campus degree programs worldwide. Firelake University is the auxiliary business name of Hallinto-Tohtorit Oy (Hallinto-Tohtorit Ltd.) which has been established and registered by the National Board of Patents and Registration on 20th September 1995. 

Firelake University has been changing old methods and showing to state funded universities how studying should be arranged more effectively. We have been working as a change agent in the university industry and introduced following changes:

  • possibility to attend university with different backgrounds
  • we started to recognize earlier studies as part of the degree
  • we started to recognize and accept studies done at any other university
  • we started to offer first on line courses and degrees
  • we made it possible for adults attend to exam and demonstrate their knowledge
  • we made it possible to defend Ph.D. dissertations anywhere students wanted to
  • we started to require better education from our professors
  • we started to require long work experience from our professors than State Funded Universities does.

After we implemented all these changes at Firelake University Finland, the State funded universities copied some of our changes and named them only differently. But everyone knows that nine universities out of ten best universities in the world are private one. Therefore our aim is to continue to be the change agent also in the future.