Marketing Agent Code of Conduct

A marketing agent of Firelake University Finland (FUF) is expected to uphold the university values at all times. Agents are often the first contact that students have with the university, so it is important that they are given accurate information. In particular, the following applies:

  1. No Agent will tell or imply to a student or applicant that they are employed staff of the university. They should inform the student or applicant that they are an agent with permission to promote the course in question.
  2. The agent will not have any personalized literature, cards, websites, brochures or the like, which imply that the agent is an employee of FUF.
  3. All marketing materials that the agent uses must be approved in writing by FUF before distribution.
  4. The Agent shall not make any false claim or statement about the university or its courses.
  5. The agent shall not offer careers, financial or visa advice, unless authorized to do so by the relevant authority in the area in which they operate.
  6. The agent shall direct students to the university staff or its website for answers to questions about anything other than basic course details.
  7. The agent will not handle any of the student’s or applicant’s money at any time.
  8. Any breach of the above rules will result in a penalty and maybe the agreement between the university and the agent will be revoked.

 This Policy is subject to annual review
 Last reviewed: November 2020
 Next review: November 2021