Retention of Examination Data Policy

It is the policy of the Firelake University Finland to keep all students coursework and exam scripts for three years from the date of the student’s completion of the program for which it was undertaken. Where a program specification specifies a longer retention period, then this will apply instead of the three year maximum.

When the period of retention for a piece of student coursework and exam script expires it will be destroyed confidentially.

If a student has made a complaint or an appeal, then the student coursework and exam scripts for the whole cohort will be retained until such complaint or appeal has been resolved.

The university has adopted Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications 1.1.20056. Please read it here (

If a formal request for personal data, including student coursework or exam scripts has been received by the college, then such data cannot be destroyed until the requested data has been provided to the student concerned.

Staff involved with marking and handling student coursework or exam scripts should be aware that all written comments on or about students’ work may not remain private and may be included among the student’s personal data.

Students should be aware that their work may be viewed by awarding body representatives and other professional and regulatory bodies, where the college deems it relevant to do so.

This Policy is subject to annual review
Last reviewed: November 2020
Next review: November 2021