Student Attendance and Participation Policy

The Firelake University Finland (FUF) expects a high level of student participation in its programmers, in order that student achieve their best potential.

As part of the application process students agree:

  1. That they have access to the equipment necessary to fully participate in the online course, if applicable, as detailed in the system requirements.
  2. To participate and engage in the course as much as they can, or at list 80% of the course’s meetings, lectures, activities and study materials.
  3. That they have read the planned program timetable published on the university website and in the reception area of the university.

Students are expected to fully participate in the courses’ activities and assessments. If FUF becomes aware that a student is not fully participating, then it will endeavor to contact the student to offer assistance that it deems necessary to ensure that the student continues to complete the program and succeed in their learning goals.

Students are to submit all coursework by the deadlines set by their tutors and attend all exams on the given dates and times. If they are unable to meet a deadline or exam time due to no fault of their own, they must submit a request for the extenuating circumstances to be considered before the deadline itself, along with any documentary proof. Requests submitted after the deadline cannot be considered, except in very special circumstances, so the student will be deemed to have failed in that aspect of the course’s assessment. See Assessment Policy available here (

Where applicable and unless otherwise stated in the program specification, assignments may have a formative deadline and a summative deadline. Students are required to attempt to meet both deadlines. The formative deadline allows an opportunity for tutors to feedback to the student on the assignment or part of the assignment that they have submitted. The summative deadline is considered a final submission. If an assignment fails to meet the pass criteria at the summative deadline, then the student has one more attempt to re-submit a new assignment to meet the pass criteria for the assignment, unless otherwise stated in the program specification. Resubmission assignment will only assess pass criteria, so the maximum mark achievable will be a pass.

Authorized absence will be any absence that is agreed with the university administration in advance.

Students who are absent for one week should obtain a letter from their tutor. Failure to do so will mean that continued absence will be considered as unauthorized.

Late arrival of more than 15 minutes to timetabled learning events will be considered as unauthorized absence.

Room and timetable changes and will be emailed to students and will be available on notice boards around the university and in the reception area.

Students should explain to the university their unauthorized absences in writing, either by email or on paper. Members of university staff who receive such explanations should ensure that they are copied to the university Admin Team for recording and placing in the student’s file.

Where unauthorized absence causes concern about the likelihood of successful outcomes or does not comply with

Home Office Regulations regarding Visa students, or awarding body regulations or funding authority rules, students may be asked to enter into an attendance contract with the university. In such cases the awarding body, funding authority or Home Office may be informed of the continued absence. In such cases an appointment with the

Student Welfare Officer will be arranged to discuss the student’s absenteeism. The attendance contract will be signed by the university Principal and the student and placed in the student’s file. It will explain possible sanctions in the event of the contract not being fulfilled, including a final warning letter being issued to the student. In such cases a further appointment with the Student Welfare Officer will be arranged to discuss the student’s absenteeism.

If a Visa student has not arrived at the university by the start of the program, the university will determine with the Home Office whether the visa has been granted. For details of how the university will deal with fees already paid, see the Cancellation, Refunds and Charges Policy, available here (www.fuf.fipolicies).

Students may appeal against any aspect of the decisions made regarding their attendance, by following the university Appeals and Complaints Procedure available here (

This Policy is subject to annual review

Last reviewed: November 2020
Next review: November 2021